John Fong | CEO

John Fong, CEO, MDIS

Dr John Fong is the CEO of Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). His experience is diverse having lived and worked in Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the USA, where he has specialised in a variety of fields such as Education, Business Development, Corporate Communications, Hospitality & Tourism, International Relations and Law Enforcement.


EduTECH Asia Virtual 2020 Higher Ed Conference Day 1 @ 11:30

Live Panel: Beyond a growth mindset: How to coach students to build their academic mindset

Having a growth mindset is a common buzzword among educators. The question is how do we then coach students to develop this mindset to strive for their academic goals? Beyond growth mindset, what are the other areas in which educational leaders and educators should be focusing on to achieve student success?
last published: 19/Jun/20 01:16 GMT

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