Hamza Khan | Education Technology Coordinator
Beijing International Bilingual Academy

Hamza Khan, Education Technology Coordinator, Beijing International Bilingual Academy

I am the Middle and High School Education Technology Coordinator at Beijing International Bilingual Academy. I am also Teaching IBDP Computer Science which I immensely enjoy. My main responsibilities with my current role are to manage and coordinate technologies among our Middle and High school. I am also the systems admin for Office 365, Turnitin, Management Information Systems that include Engage and Managebac and a few other day to day technology resources. I am also the part of the Senior Management team where technology falls under my concerns as well. However, my favorite role for the current job is the IBDP Class that I teach for Group 4 Computer Sciences. Teaching has always been my passion, and this added role whilst being the Technology coordinator loops me to the Lifelong Learner attribute.

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