Chien Teng Chia | Strategic Projects Officer
Fulbright University Vietnam

Chien Teng Chia, Strategic Projects Officer, Fulbright University Vietnam

Chien-Teng is currently the Strategic Projects Officer at Fulbright University Vietnam. Originally incubated by the Harvard Kennedy School, Fulbright is Vietnam’s first independent, private, nonprofit university offering graduate programs in public policy and an undergraduate program rooted in the American liberal arts tradition. 
  In her role, Chien-Teng has helped establish the university’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI). The CEI provides programming that empowers students and the broader Vietnamese community to become entrepreneurs and innovators that will go after Vietnam and the region’s biggest challenges. 
  Prior to this role, Chien-Teng was a consultant with McKinsey & Company, serving public and private sector clients in Europe, North America, and Asia. She is also the Chairperson at the International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates, a non-profit focused on the professional development of Malaysian youth.   


EduTECH Asia Virtual 2020 Higher Ed Conference Day 2 @ 14:30

How to nurture entrepreneurial leadership among students (Pre-recorded)

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