Benson Ong | Senior Lecturer Specialist (Innovation & Enterprise)
Nanyang Polytechnic

Benson Ong, Senior Lecturer Specialist (Innovation & Enterprise), Nanyang Polytechnic

Benson started his first business at age 18 when he was still studying in junior college.  He went on to experience 32 years of enriching entrepreneurial journey covering insurance agency, computer hardware and software retailing, talent search, Indian restaurant, new media advertising and mobile content distribution in Southeast Asia, China, South Korea and New Zealand.   At age 50, Benson decided to step down from his businesses and take up full-time lecturing in Nanyang Polytechnic, helping to plant the seeds of innovation and enterprise in the minds of young and eager learners.


EduTECH Asia Virtual 2020 Higher Ed Conference Day 2 @ 13:00

Developing an online entrepreneurship program with global exchange boost cross-institutional collaboration

  • Asynchronous and synchronous online delivery
  • Students engagement via IT Tools
  • Cross-border collaboration
  • Online mentorship with practising entrepreneurs

EduTECH Asia Virtual 2020 Higher Ed Conference Day 2 @ 15:30

Live Panel: Running an effective entrepreneurial program in your institution

The development of entrepreneurial skills among students is a valuable complement to most institutions in today’s ever-evolving society. In a university setting, how could the faculty support students in their start-up venture? What are the resources that universities should have in place for entrepreneurial experiments to happen?
last published: 19/Jun/20 01:16 GMT

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