A variety of marketing opportunities to meet your business objectives



Premium sponsorship

This option is for innovative companies wanting to lead the market and grab market share. Sponsorship packages are tailored to meet your specific marketing goals, but typically include high visibility speaking slots, moderation roles, large prominent stand and facilitated meetings.


Co-host events

Why not host a small event within the big event and get the best of both worlds? Private lunches, pre-event workshops, onfloor clinics, dinners, cocktails, parties, the list is long. Our team will work with you to produce the most relevant format.


Exhibition stands

There are over 250 exhibition stands available on the show floor. There’s a variety of sizes available, the earlier you reserve, the better the position you’ll secure. Exhibitors also have the option to take a speaking slot in one of the onfloor seminars.






If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Isaac Chia on +65 6322 2332 or email isaac.chia@terrapinn.com






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