2019 Speakers




Mahmoud Abdelrazek, Graduate Student, UCL

Paul Adcock, AC Business Development Director, Intelligent Energy

Gemma Alcock, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, SkyBound Rescuer

Jamie Allan, Chief Executive Officer, Allan Panthera

Steve Allcock, Key Account Manager- UK & MEA, Elistair

Steve Allcock | Key Account Manager- UK & MEA | Elistair » speaking at UAV Show

Philipp Amon, Business Division Manager, ULS, RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH

Darren Ansell, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, University of Central Lancashire

Simona Aracri, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Edinburgh

Simona Aracri | Post-Doctoral Research Associate | University of Edinburgh » speaking at UAV Show

Omar Kassim Ariff, Lecturer in Aircraft / UAS design, University of Salford

Omar Kassim Ariff | Lecturer in Aircraft / UAS design | University of Salford » speaking at UAV Show

Simon Armitt, Integrated Project Leader, Anglian Water @One Alliance

Paul Backhouse, Head Of Archive And Digital Asset Management, Historic England

William Barnes, UAS Service Lead, Frazer Nash Consultancy Ltd

Kelvin Barnsdale, Senior Research Engineer, University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

Jamie Bellinger, Content Producer, English Heritage

Rupert Benbrook, Chief Evangelist, Altitude Angel

Philip Binks, Head of Air Traffic Management., Altitude Angel

Mike Blades, Vice President - Aerospace, Defence and Security Americas, Frost & Sullivan

Charlton Bland, Digital Survey Lead, Atkins

Jan Boehm, Associate Professor, University College London

Jan Boehm | Associate Professor | University College London » speaking at UAV Show

Stjepan Bogdan, Professor, University of Zagreb

Rob Bolam, Senior Lecturer, Glyndwr University

Perran Bonner, Drone Manager & Operations Lead, Essex Police

Brent Brakeboer, Solution Architect, Airbus Defence And Space

Raphaël Brechard, Gis And Ehealth Coordinator, Médecins Sans Frontières

Graham Brown, Chief Executive Officer, ARPAS

Graham Brown | Chief Executive Officer | ARPAS » speaking at UAV Show

Jess Brown, Marketing Manager, Coverdrone

Jess Brown | Marketing Manager | Coverdrone » speaking at UAV Show

Mark Brueton, Principal Engineering Surveyor, Bam Nuttall

Rikke Carmichael, Head Of Air Operations, Network Rail

Rikke Carmichael | Head Of Air Operations | Network Rail » speaking at UAV Show

Theo Carter, Technical Assistant, Kilburn and Strode Llp

Peter Cheetham, Evolution Lead, tlmNEXUS Ltd

Peter Cheetham | Evolution Lead | tlmNEXUS Ltd » speaking at UAV Show

Yunfei Chen, Associate Professor, Warwick University

Simon Chester, Communication Manager, Open Geospatial Consortium

Malik Chibah, Engineering Director, Sonardyne International

Malik Chibah | Engineering Director | Sonardyne International » speaking at UAV Show

Julian Coleman, Chief Executive Officer And Chief Pilot, Lease The Drone

Julian Coleman | Chief Executive Officer And Chief Pilot | Lease The Drone » speaking at UAV Show

Steve Combes, Business Development Manager, Ericsson

Malcolm Connolly, CEO, C-bird Ltd

Alex J. Cope, Professor, University of Sheffield

Andrew Cox, Engineer, Chief Technology Officer - Windhorse Aerospace And Goldilox Space, Windhorse Aerospace

Daniel Cracau, Chief Executive Officer, Project Alphalink

Olaf Cramme, Managing Partner, Inline Policy

Jim Cranswick, Unmanned Aviation Director, Deloitte

Jim Cranswick | Unmanned Aviation Director | Deloitte » speaking at UAV Show

Paul Cureton, Senior Lecturer In Design, Lancaster University

Paul Cureton | Senior Lecturer In Design | Lancaster University » speaking at UAV Show

Nicholas Davis, Executive, Employability And Skills, Royal Aeronautical Society

Nicholas Davis | Executive, Employability And Skills | Royal Aeronautical Society » speaking at UAV Show

Sara De La Rosa, Uas Coordinator, AirMap

Sara De La Rosa | Uas Coordinator | AirMap » speaking at UAV Show

Olivier Defawe, Director Health Systems & Drones for Health Lead, VillageReach

Michael Dewhirst, Chief Executive Officer, Evolve Dynamics

Michael Dewhirst | Chief Executive Officer | Evolve Dynamics » speaking at UAV Show

Dewar Donnithorne-Tait, Unmanned Aviation Specialist, Royal Aeronautical Society

Scott Drennan, Vice President Of Innovation, The Bell Company

James Dunthorne, Director Standards, ARPAS-UK

Tris Dyson, Executive Director, NESTA Challenges

Robert Entwistle, Postgraduate Researcher, ICAReS

Robert Entwistle | Postgraduate Researcher | ICAReS » speaking at UAV Show

Mehmet Erbil, Research Fellow, SotonUAV

Mehmet Erbil | Research Fellow | SotonUAV » speaking at UAV Show

Ken Isobe Falk, CEO, Scopito Aps

Fredrik Falkman, Head of Innovation, Swedish Sea Rescue Society

Ray Faulkner, Managing Director, iRed Ltd

Ray Faulkner | Managing Director | iRed Ltd » speaking at UAV Show

Victor Fernandez, New Technologies And Innovation Specialist, Vodafone Group

Mario Ferraro, CASCADE Project Manager, University of Southampton

Mario Ferraro | CASCADE Project Manager | University of Southampton » speaking at UAV Show

Rachel Finn, Practice Manager, Trilateral Research Ltd

Nicholas Flom, Executive Director, North Dakota UAS Team

Chris Forster, COO, Altitude Angel

Chris Forster | COO | Altitude Angel » speaking at UAV Show

Alexander Fraess-Ehrfeld, Chief Executive Officer, AIR6 SYSTEMS & Airborne Robotics

Ayan Ghosh, Technology Consultant, Ofcom

Richard Gill, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Drone Defence

Andy Givens, Senior Application Engineer, Topcon Positioning Systems Inc

Jerry Grayson, Pilot, Writer, Director, Keynote Speaker And Drone Tutor, JerryG.co

David Green, Director, UCEMM - University of Aberdeen

Niall Greenwood, Commercial Director, NEURON

Niall Greenwood | Commercial Director | NEURON » speaking at UAV Show

David Guerin, Safety Adviser, Atm Expert, Lake Kivu Challenge

Alan Harding, Head of Information Systems Engineering, BAE Systems

Grischa Hauser, Director, COMPAILE Solutions GmbH

Oliver Hitchens, Chief Design Officer | Masters Spacecraft Systems Engineering Student, Project Angel | University of Southampton

Karen Holden, Founder & Managing Director, A City Law Firm

Harry Howe, Chief Executive Officer, Dronestream

Andreu Ibanez, President and Founder, LleidaDrone Association

Joseph Ikhalia, IT Security and Compliance Manager, Quanta Technology Limited

Fadl Isa, Doctoral Student, University of Sheffield

Christian Janke, Assistant Professor, Program Chair Bachelor Of Science Unmanned Systems Applications, College Of Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide

Paul Jeffs, Founder and Principal, PJ Materials Consultants Ltd.

Callum Jenkins, Director, ESNO Media

Mathieu Johnsson, CEO, Marble Aerospace

Matthew Jones, Principal, Anthemis Group

Adam Juniper, Founder, AJPC Publishing

Adam Juniper | Founder | AJPC Publishing » speaking at UAV Show

Khristopher Kabbabe, Lecturer, Aerospace Systems Group, The University of Manchester

Carys Kaiser, Ambassador, Women Who Drone

Carys Kaiser | Ambassador | Women Who Drone » speaking at UAV Show

Jakub Karas, Chief Technology Officer And Partner Upvision, Vice President, Czech Unmanned Aerial Alliance

Mat Kellett, Business Development Manager – Mapping & OEM, Topcon Positioning Systems Inc

Sheikh Fakhar Khalid, Chief Scientific Officer, SenSat

Umar Khan, Manufacturing Coordinator | Masters Spacecraft Systems Engineering Student, Project Angel | University of Southampton

Damon Knight, Head Of Air Traffic Services, London Southend Airport

Christoph Kölbl, Scientific researcher at DLR, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Hans Koning, Global Keynote Speaker | Governance Specialist & Business Expert in Nascent Technologies, Blockchain

Hans Koning | Global Keynote Speaker | Governance Specialist & Business Expert in Nascent Technologies | Blockchain » speaking at UAV Show

Barry Koperberg, Founder, Wings For Aid

Barry Koperberg | Founder | Wings For Aid » speaking at UAV Show

Alexander Kothe, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Chief Technology Officer, TU Berlin | AlphaLink

Maron Kristófersson, Chief Executive Officer, Aha

Jon Laughton, Managing Director, Ad Manum UAS Technologies Ltd

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO, Level Five Supplies Ltd

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley | CEO | Level Five Supplies Ltd » speaking at UAV Show

Mark Lawton, Chief Surveying Engineer, Skanska

Lilian Lee, International Trade Director, Beijing TT Aviation Technology Co

Ed Leon Klinger, Chief Executive Officer, Flock

Ed Leon Klinger | Chief Executive Officer | Flock » speaking at UAV Show

Jan Leyssens, Chief Operating Officer, Airobot

Jan Leyssens | Chief Operating Officer | Airobot » speaking at UAV Show

Timo Lind, Project Manager, VTT Technical Research Centre Of Finland

Timo Lind | Project Manager | VTT Technical Research Centre Of Finland » speaking at UAV Show

Paul Lindup, Project Manager (Ice), Network Rail

Eva Linehan, MSc Student, Imperial College London | Zoological Society of London

Eva Linehan | MSc Student | Imperial College London | Zoological Society of London » speaking at UAV Show

Cunjia Liu, Senior Lecturer in Unmanned Vehicles, Loughborough University

Jon Lorimer, Security Consultant, Thames Water Limited

Panagiotis Loukinas, Research Analyst, Trilateral Research Ltd

Stephen Mace, Mini UAS Engineering Authority, MOD

Stephen Mace | Mini UAS Engineering Authority | MOD » speaking at UAV Show

Ivan Maddox, Executive Vice President, Intermap Technologies

Omid Maghazei, Research Associate and Doctoral Candidate, ETH Zurich

Dennis Majoe, Director, Motion Robotics

James A. R. Marshall, Professor of Theoretical and Computational Biology, University of Sheffield

Anna Pages Maso, Lead Technologist, Connected Places Catapult

John Mckenna, Chief Executive Officer, sees.ai

David McKittrick, Outreach and Training Manager, Blue Marble Geographics

Harry Mcnabb, Chief Executive Officer Dronelife, Drone Life

Anthony-Victor Mehl, Director, Sales And Marketing, Altametris

Johannes Mendgen, Technical Sales Engineer, Pix4D

Keith Miao, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Birdstop Inc.

Seyed Mohseni, CEO & Founder, Samad Aerospace

Timo Mueller, ETH Researcher & Voliro CTO, ETH Zurich/Voliro Airborne Robotics

Alastair Muir, Safety Director, NATS

Andrew Munday, Director of Advanced Engineering and Technology, Atkins

Michael Murray, AI Systems Developer, Motion Robotics

Pae Natwilai, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Trik

Jonathan Nicholson, Assistant Director Communications, CAA

Jonathan Nicholson | Assistant Director Communications | CAA » speaking at UAV Show

Sophie O'Sullivan, CAA

Conor O'Sullivan, Investment Manager, Seraphim Capital

Claudio Palestini, Officer Counter-Terrorism, Emerging Security Challenges Division, NATO

Junio Valerio Palomba, Account Management, Flyability Ltd.

Mike Parsons, 3rd year BSc Forensic Science, Glyndwr University

Antton Pena, Founder, Flock

Antton Pena | Founder | Flock » speaking at UAV Show

Gonçalo Pereira, Principal Engineer, Altair Engineering Ltd

Alejandro Perez-Llabata, Founder & CEO, IUDRO

Svilen Rangelov, Chief Executive Officer, Dronamics

Amy Rattenbury, Programme Leader in Forensic Science, Glyndwr University

Hamlet Reynoso Vanderhorst, Researcher, University of Wolverhampton

Hamlet Reynoso Vanderhorst | Researcher | University of Wolverhampton » speaking at UAV Show

Dale Richards, Senior Research Fellow, Nottingham Trent University

Dale Richards | Senior Research Fellow | Nottingham Trent University » speaking at UAV Show

Tom Richardson, Senior Lecturer In Flight Dynamics And Control, Bristol Of University

Tom Richardson | Senior Lecturer In Flight Dynamics And Control | Bristol Of University » speaking at UAV Show

Phelim Rowe, Director, Event Management, BORDERPOL

Phelim Rowe | Director, Event Management | BORDERPOL » speaking at UAV Show

John Rowlands, Insurance Lead, Flock

John Rowlands | Insurance Lead | Flock » speaking at UAV Show

Iain Russell, Inventor And Patent Attorney, Iain Russell

Iain Russell | Inventor And Patent Attorney | Iain Russell » speaking at UAV Show

Richard Ryan, Barrister, Blakistons

Richard Ryan | Barrister | Blakistons » speaking at UAV Show

Andy Sage, Head of UTM, NATS

Anastasio Sanchez Bernal, Atlas Director, Head Of Atlas, Air Traffic Laboratory for Advanced Systems (ATLAS) - CATEC

Pooya Sareh, Lecturer, University of Liverpool

Varun Sarwal, Founder & CEO, Hammer Flights Ltd

Michelle Saunders, Cad Engineering Manager, Glyndwr University

Michelle Saunders | Cad Engineering Manager | Glyndwr University » speaking at UAV Show

Commander Jamie Sayer CEng MBA SIIRSM RPP, Principal Safety Engineer & UAV Expert, Ebeni Ltd

Anne-Lise Scaillierez, Director, ARPAS-UK

Melissa Schiele, Phd Student, Loughborough University, Wolfson School of Engineering & Zoological Society of London

Adam Schink, Innovation Development Manager, BT

Emily Self, Membership Development Executive, Royal Aeronautical Society

Emily Self | Membership Development Executive | Royal Aeronautical Society » speaking at UAV Show

Pamir Sevincel, Founding Partner, Head Of Partnerships, The Aviary Project

Anthony Shooter, Chair of Drone Technology, COMIT Projects Ltd.

Anthony Shooter | Chair of Drone Technology | COMIT Projects Ltd. » speaking at UAV Show

Simcha Shore, CEO, AgroScout

Simcha Shore | CEO | AgroScout » speaking at UAV Show

Bjarki Sigurðsson, Lead Engineer, Aha

Matt Simmons, Partnership Manager, Class Of Your Own Limited

Nikita Sinha, Head Of Technology Acquisition, Marshall Aerospace

Filip Stanev, Strategy & Fundraising, Dronamics

Barbara Stelzner, Director, Marketing And Corporate Communication And Management Committee Member, DJI GmbH

Jean Daniel Suelberg, Acting Director Of Uas Test Centre At Dlr, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Jean Daniel Suelberg | Acting Director Of Uas Test Centre At Dlr | German Aerospace Center (DLR) » speaking at UAV Show

David Tait, Principal, CAA

David Tait | Principal | CAA » speaking at UAV Show

Patrick Thévoz, Co-Founder, CEO, Flyability Ltd.

Steve Timewell, Founder And Editor, Drone User Magazine

Elizabeth Traiger, Senior Researcher, Power And Renewables, DNV GL

Rachel Tyrrell, Administration Manager, The Survey Association

Rachel Tyrrell | Administration Manager | The Survey Association » speaking at UAV Show

Eno Umoh, Co-Founder, Global Air Drone Academy

Olivier Usher, Lead, Research & Impact, NESTA Challenges

Jakub Vanko, Technical Support Specialist, Capturing Reality

Maria Varela, Co-Founder, Smaare Consulting

Andrea Vilardi, Senior Researcher, terraXcube (EURAC Research)

Duncan Walker, Managing Director, Skyports

Duncan Walker | Managing Director | Skyports » speaking at UAV Show

Alison Watson, Chief Executive Officer, Class Of Your Own

Alison Watson | Chief Executive Officer | Class Of Your Own » speaking at UAV Show

Mark Watson, Manager UTM Strategy & Service Integration, NATS

Steven Welland, Training Director, iRed Ltd

Mark Wharry, Director, MW Aviation Consulting

Rian Whitton, Senior Analyst, ABI research

Rian Whitton | Senior Analyst | ABI research » speaking at UAV Show

Serge Wich, Professor, Liverpool John Moores University LJMU

Daren Wood, Manager Of Business Development, Eclipse Digital Solutions

Kieran Wood, Senior Research Associate, University of Bristol

Kieran Wood | Senior Research Associate | University of Bristol » speaking at UAV Show

Steve Wright, Associate Professor, University of the West of England

Gary Young, Geospatial Survey Analyst, Historic England