We are hard at work confirming topics and speakers. Below is an outline of what to expect. We will release the full agenda and speaker line up soon. 


Day One – Wednesday 14th November 2018


Advances in Commercial UAV Applications

  • How will state of the art UAVs disrupt global enterprise operations?
  • Deploying AI and Machine learning to make use of drone collected data
  • Harnessing UAV data for business value
  • The Regulation Panel: Protecting privacy rights without holding back development
  • Failure to Launch: Why have some UAV businesses fallen by the wayside?
  • Sensor technology for UAV application


Roundtable Discussions

  • Industry Forecast – what’s next? From AI and robotics to autonomous vehicles.
  • Why is uptake slow among businesses? 
  • Emergency relief – What are the most innovative uses of UAVs in emergency relief and can we appropriate these tools for business?
  • UAV Policy– where are we now? Where do we need to be?
  • BVLOS – how do we balance the need for expansive flights with accountability?
  • Planning your first UAV project? Hear from those who have been there.
  • What does your Board need to know about UAVs?


Aerial Data and Business Intelligence

  • Data streamlining: addressing the need for clean operational data
  • Mapping and 3D modelling: How UAVs will transform Building Information Modelling
  • Key steps to ensuring actionable business intelligence
  • Innovations in feature recognition software
  • Addressing your business intelligence gaps with UAVs


The Future Fleet

  • Moving from inspection to intervention
  • Getting the most out of your UAV fleet
  • What’s the future of fleet management?
  • The connected drone and collaborative autonomy
  • Creating drone control systems based on high speed communication


Solving Urban Problems with UAVS

  • What effect can UAV technology have on preventing and containing emergency incidents?
  • UAVs and the future of transport
  • Leading the world to 5G connectivity with UAVs
  • Protecting sensitive assets: counter-drone technology
  • Urban Commercial Transport: The advantages of last-mile delivery


Industry Predictions

  • The impact of EASA regulations on the UK UAV Industry
  • Drone innovation trends to watch


Day Two – Thursday 15th November 2017


Shared Airspace

  • Managing shared airspace with UAV Traffic Management 
  • UTM systems of the future
  • Drone Tracking & Remote Identification
  • How can we best manage shared airspace? A comparison between the UK, the EU and the USA


Cyber Security Threats

  • Keeping your data secure
  • How vulnerable are UAVs to Cyber attacks?
  • Does the UK need to demand a minimum level of security for UAVs?


Making use of Aerial Data for Mapping and GIS

  • Bridging your engineers and your surveyors 
  • Mapping Underground Mines with an Autonomous Drone
  • The Drone Revolution in Spatial Analysis
  • UAVs in the energy & infrastructure sector 


UAV Integration

  • Drones and AI in utilities and infrastructure
  • Overcoming Obstacles: UAV use beyond visual line of sight - offshore case studies
  • Overcoming obstacles: UAV use in densely populated areas – a construction case study
  • The impact of UAVs on your bottom line


Sensors, Systems, and Satellites

  • Next Generation GIS & LIDAR technologies
  • Core Image and Signal Processing Tools
  • An Airborne Internet of Things
  • Is the future of UAVs as pseudo-satellites? 


Key Industry Challenges and Opportunities

  • Maintaining a positive public image of UAVs
  • Flight Planning in changing landscapes
  • The commercial UAV Sector ‘set to grow’: Where are we now, where are we going?





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