Bert Deprest | VP Energy Solutions
Senoko Energy | Singapore

Bert Deprest, VP Energy Solutions, Senoko Energy

Bert Deprest serves as Vice President Energy Solutions for Senoko Energy, Singapore’s No1 Electricity Generator and Retailer. Bert drives the Energy Transition by developing innovative Energy Solutions to increase customers awareness of their energy usage assisting Singapore companies to reduce its carbon footprint.


TECHX Day 1 @ 14:30

Smart cities need smart utilities: So how can we get there?

  • How is the role of data analytics changing for utilities, and how can we extract maximum value?
  • Where does the smart utility fit into the overall connected services puzzle?
  • Justifying ROI on “smart” investments
  • Overcoming stakeholder engagement challenges
  • How much of a role should utilities play in upgrading telecoms infrastructure? What are the collaboration opportunities? 
Santadyuti Samanta, Additional GM, IT – SAP Comp. Centre, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited

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