Bringing secure collaboration to industry. Blockchain, the simple technology that powers bitcoin, could revolutionise industries across the world. As part of TECHX, we’ll be exploring its specific impact on logistics and utilities.


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BlockchainTECHX, Wednesday 6 September 2017



Organiser’s Opening Remarks

Sharon Roessen, Managing Director, Terrapinn Asia

Guest of Honour's Opening Remarks


Guest of Honour's Opening Remarks


A digitally-enabled autonomous future: How technology will change the way we think and work


Making sense of data analytics: How big data is transforming healthcare, R&D and manufacturing

The healthcare industry is facing a multitude of challenges. New diseases are emerging daily, and they are no longer confined by geographical boundaries. The rapidly aging population is also another cause for concern especially in Asia. However, the cure to today’s healthcare challenges no longer rests only on the shoulders of healthcare practitioners. Keynote speaker, Julie Olszewski, shares insights into the trends of the healthcare industry. She will touch on the challenges of today’s healthcare industry and how big data and analytics are key to overcoming them. Delegates will also gain an understanding of how different sectors can leverage data to improve patient care, medical manufacturing, clinical trials, and disease prevention.

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Panel discussion

Smart City Leaders Panel From blueprint to scale: What does it take to be a smart city?

With smart city plans being announced across the world, we bring together some of the world’s leading success stories, to share how they have built their smart cities.
  • What do we really mean by a smart city? Just how smart can we go?
  • What works, what doesn’t, and why? What are your biggest challenges and how are you solving them?
  • How to engage key stakeholders for successful smart city pilot programmes
  • Power of the people: How can we engage our citizens and what role should they play? 

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Exhibition Visit & Networking Refreshments



Blockchain meets supply chain: Why?

  • How does blockchain bring greater transparency and efficiency to the supply chain?
  • Could blockchain help resolve some of the problems encountered in supply chain?
  • How will blockchain shape the future of supply chain?
Panel discussion

How blockchain is going to benefit the logistics industry

  • How could blockchain technology offer increased operational transparency and efficiency? 
  • Will blockchain become a new operating system for supply chain operating networks? 
  • ‘What if it’s hacked?’: Concerns about the scale of information potentially stored on blockchains, and how to enhance privacy and security 
  • What are the unique challenges and what must be done to move the blockchain in logistics forward?

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BlockchainTECHX, Wednesday 6 September 2017

last published: 14/Sep/17 11:06





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