CMT Singapore develops innovative solutions and provides a range of non-destructive testing services from streetlight corrosion detection, lux mapping, load testing to temperature testing, for special needs in construction and engineering industry. Its technological innovations help in delivering safety and efficiency to the industry.

The proprietary RLSTM corrosion detection solution has helped many cities in the world to achieve a high standard of safety in preventing catastrophic failure of streetlight columns due to corrosion. The accuracy and efficiency in RLS TM technique also help asset owners and maintenance contractors plan budget precisely and save cost of unnecessary replacement.

The intelligent streetlight lux mapping system (iSLMS+) is another technological innovation by CMT Singapore. This state-of-the-art system assesses quality and performance of lighting installations, ensures safer road conditions for vehicle and pedestrian traffic and eliminate risk of exposure to oncoming vehicles while taking measurement. The iSLMS+, equipped with user-friendly software, provides a range of graphical and numerical reports of interest.