TSP Co., Ltd.


TSP was founded based on assembly and mounting of diesel engines for ships in 1994. TSP has been producing the key parts of an engine and HCU & HPS Modules of ME engine that TSP developed by itself. Furthermore, we are providing services about engineering of diesel engine and extending to power plant business. 
TSP, since its foundation, prides itself as the most advanced company that can operate quality multi-business contents meeting any needs of customers through constant researches and developments and by forecasting changes in markets.

In TSP Containerized Power Plant, all equipments and machinery required for power generation are installed in the container. So, the period to install a plant is much less and required installation space is 60-70% less than that of the general power plant. In addition, It is highly economical in that installation expense is about 70-80% of the conventional power plant installation. Furthermore, we conclude business cooperation with one of the best engine companies MAN, we provide CPP equipped with high quality engine.
TSP’s Emergency generator set is for standby operation to provide maximum power output with quick load acceptance in case of power shortage. We use high quality engine on our products concluding business cooperation with well-known engine companies such as MAN, Cummins and DOOSAN Infracore. Moreover, TSP’s Emergency generator set has the ideal balance between compact design and robust construction.