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Hexing industrial group is one of the leading global market players in power industry focusing on smart metering and smart grid technologies. Since 1992 Hexing always has been moving on the edge of technology to deliver state of the art products and solutions to utilities all around the world. More than two decades of working in international market has proved that we always stand with our clients not only as vendor but also as consultant and contractor. 
Our mission is empowering utilities to save more energy by increasing efficiency and reducing losses. Hexing walks along with utilities on their way of development to create a greener world to reserve exhaustible resources for future and save the environment. Due to formal reports published by legal bodies in 2014, Hexing was the biggest exporter of metering products in China. With hope, honor and our hard and quality work, we are looking to future to make Hexing the best brand in the metering industry in the world.