Sam Nwaire | Vice President - Operations
Eko Electricity Distribution Company EKEDC

Sam Nwaire, Vice President -  Operations, Eko Electricity Distribution Company EKEDC

A Marketer per Excellence with huge experience in Energy marketing.  A Manager of men, material and Resources with foundation in accounting and proficiency in Engineering and marketing.  Having spent life working experience in Power Sector with responsibility of coordinating Energy data for market processes with the aim of optimal cash realization.
Eko Electricity Distribution Plc
24/25 Marina Street, Lagos.                        Feb 2014 to date

JOB TITLE:             -        Chief Operating Officer

JOB DESCRIPTION: -    Provide Managerial direction and coordination of activities that ensure that EKEDC is managed as an efficient utility with significant growth in revenue and profitability in line with the opportunities in the utility business.
-    Oversee and manage on-site staff in charge of daily commercial, operations & maintenance activities.
-    Establish performance goals, allocate resources, and assess policies for staff. 
-    Leadership of revenue cycle management (RCM)
-    Managing the ATC&C losses of the company
-    Capex and entire metering management. 
-    Direct and provides leadership in the management of power flow within the network ensuring fault free network
-    Responsible for the developing of the strategy that guides the organization in achieving ALL set Revenue Generating goals that aims at business growth and increasing market share
-    Coordinating an integrated commercial success of the company by the combination of an aggressive Marketing plan and deep commercial strategy that ensures increased profitability, improved brand image and effective consumer satisfaction for a sustainable growth of the company.
-    Ownership of Business Development initiatives and achievement of set Revenue targets of the company
-    Ownership of the customers/clients’ interface with the company’s services making sure that all functions of the organization are aligned to meet its strategic commercial objectives
-    Develop with a customer - centric approach mind-set, polices and standards that are aimed at ensuring optimal utilization of the company/departmental resources for the overall achievement of the company's set objectives; long term and periodic.
-    Contribute to formulation of policy and strategy as a member of Executive Management
-    Develop an effective organization structure to serve customers across the different business districts. 
-    Develop, establish, and direct execution of operating policies to support overall company policies and objectives.
-    Design & implement framework & policies to improve overall operational efficiency and company processes.
-    Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure and manage the progress made on running an efficient utility and the key strategic objectives of increasing profitability and loss reduction as well as running an efficient utility.
-    Manage day to day operations of the business districts using agreed KPIs.
-    Direct and work cross-functionally with other teams to understand their business processes & requirements to meet budget and other financial goals.
-    Generate company performance reports to the Board and MD/CEO on a timely basis.
-    Assist in developing and implementing organizational policies and procedures which aid in maximizing returns.
-    Ensure services are in compliance with professional standards and regulatory bodies requirements.
-    Develop and maintain systems to provide efficient use of resources.
-    Oversee staff operations, business planning and budget development.
-    Direct and oversee business services including billing, cash applications, and reimbursement.

Market Operations
Transmission Company of Nigeria
Plot 441 Zambezi Crescent Maitama Abuja.        -        2011to Feb 2014

JOB TITLE:    - General Manager (Market Development, Regulatory and Admin Services)

-    Provide Managerial direction and coordination of activities that administer the market in line with existing laws, rules and procedures. 
-    Coordinating the settlement process with emphasis on the accuracy of Energy data received and subsequent integrity   settlement invoice. 
-    Production of various Electricity Market Reports for all Stake 
-    Holders and for Managerial Decision making.
-    Providing data analysis for ensuring adequate business   planning, budgeting and forecasting for the Market.
-    Review of Electricity Market Performance and Publication of 
-    Market Transaction Reports.
-    Manages human capital functions to align with business plans with a view to enhancing capacity building and development.
-     Managing interface with the regulatory agency and other market participants with a view to ensuring compliance of market rules and procedures.
-    Monitoring the policy and regulatory environment for potential charges that may affect the market and ensuring compliance with market rules.
-    Ensuring effective and efficient commercial reconciliation of energy and financial data as it relates to agreements and contracts.
-    Providing and servicing the Stakeholders with appropriate information to enable effective decision making and efficient operation of market committees
-    Educating stakeholders and participants on research activities that would enhance their performance through organization of workshops and seminars.

-    Carrying out research activities for market development as well as stake holders and market participants’ education, enlightenment and sensitization through seminars, workshops and advocacy.
-    Participated in the group that accessed the market operations settlement software.
-    Chairman of the human capacity development committee
-    Member TSG Steering Committee meeting (NERC)


1980 – 1986            -    Accounts Department – NEPA, Ijora District

1986 – 1996            -    Accounts Department – NEPA, Lagos West District

1996 – 2002            -    District Commercial Officer – PHCN, Shomolu District

2002 – 2003            -    Senior Manager Marketing – PHCN, Festac District

2003 -    2005            -    Pioneer District Manager, PHCN, Ojodu District

2005 – 2007            -    District Manager – PHCN, Ikorodu

2007 – 2009            -    Business Manager – PHCN, Ikeja

2009 – 2010            -    Business Manager – PHCN, Ogba Business Unit

2010 - 2012            -    Asst. Gen. Manager Market Development/Business 
                    Analysis. PHCN CHQ, Abuja.

2012 – Feb 2014        -    General Manager (Market Dev., Regulatory and 
                    Admin Services) PHCN CHQ, Abuja.

Feb 2014 to Date        -    Chief Operating Officer, EKEDC, 24/25 Marina Lagos.


-    Three times Award as best and most valuable Senior Manager Marketing.
-    Six times Award as the most outstanding Business Manager
-    Five times commendation as best District Manager in Cash Collection.
-    First Marketer to be appointed District Manager industry wide.
-    Member of committee on the review of Nigerian Electricity Market Rule.
-    Team member on the restructuring of Market Operations by (NAIF) World Bank Consultants. 
-    Most resourceful Executive of TCN 2013 Award - AKWA-IBOM 2013


1984        -        City & Guides London Electrical 

1985        -        Certificate in Electrical Engineering – Moscow Trade Institute

1993        -        B.Sc. Hons. Business Administration University of Lagos

1996        -        MBA Marketing – University of Lagos Akoka


•    Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to relate cordially with people
•    Ability to handle different duties simultaneously and achieving desired result
•    Managerial and leadership skill with self-motivation and minimum supervision.


-    Fellow – National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria
-    Member – Nigerian Institute of Management.


-    Management of Distribution Company metering, 
Billing and Customers Care                 -    Abuja 2005
-    Basic Protection on Power equipment         -    Lagos 2006
-    Managerial Skills for Managers and supervisors.     -    Lagos 2007
-    Systems Operation and data basis Management.     -    Lagos 2008
-    Excellent Service delivery through improved 
Operational efficiency and customer care.          -    South Africa 2008
-    Improving leadership and Operations Efficiency.     -    USA 2009
-    Management attitudes and performance.          -    Lagos 2010
-    Electricity Regulation and Management         -    USA 2010
-    Preparing financial statement using ICT        -    Esami Tanzania   2012
-    Key Indicator Appreciation in Power Administration-     London  2012
-    Public Power Regulation (global Perception) IP3     -    USA  2013

-    DATE OF BIRTH:        17th December, 1960
-    SEX:                    Male
-    STATE OF ORIGIN:        Imo State
-    MARITAL STATUS:        Married
-    No. of CHILDREN:        Four (4)        


Reading, Travelling, Playing gulf, Lawn tennis and enjoying good music.


Available on request.

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