Mr Robert Futter | Director
Cresco Project Finance

Mr Robert Futter, Director, Cresco Project Finance

Robert has worked for CRESCO Project finance for the past 8 years across industries but strong focus on mining and infrastructure.
Particular focus on financial modelling and finance structuring for cross border opportunities. Specific experience with export / import finance products to enter difficult markets with liquidity financing constraints. Recently a large focus on the renewable energy market within SADC.
Recently working for a large mining company in procuring power generation solutions for mining operations in 4 operations in Africa. 
Corporate banking
Robert was involved with the Barclays / Absa acquisition, specifically with the potential sales of Barclays Africa operations. Other deals included potential acquisitions of smaller banks within emerging markets to bolster market share.
Development Finance Experience
Robert worked at the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa assisting in financing large infrastructure projects in SADC with a developmental impact. Relationships developed with aid agencies and other international government institutions active in Africa.
Strategy Business development
Robert’s previous experience in Corporate Finance and Corporate Turnaround projects, he has the requisite credentials for then role project development manager with the focus on preparing business cases and implementing new idea and technologies – i.e. taking a good idea and turning it into a commercial concept and business . key clients included Mondi and Auto & General insurance.
Corporate Finance and Turnaround
Robert previous employment was with Ernst & Young in the UK in the corporate finance arena with a specific focus on the financial services sector. He has extensive experience of the insurance industry and was involved in the large consolidation of UK insurance companies in 2000 - 2002. At Ernst & Young he provided central coordination for large projects, managed small teams in addition to individual engagements reporting directly to client management. 
He has also offered opinions on prospective client targets, participated in the target’s valuations, has an intimate knowledge of the acquisition transaction process and flotation’s (UK Listing rules), been involved in disposals/sales mandates and financings, and negotiated with investment bankers. 

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