Dr Mkhulu Kenny Mathe | Manager: Energy Materials

Dr Mkhulu Kenny Mathe, Manager: Energy Materials, CSIR

After taking a BS.c (Chemistry)  from Elmira College, NY, Dr. Mathe did MS.c. (Chemistry) graduate work at University of Transkei on Water defluoridation. Having received a Ph.D. in Electro-Analytical Chemistry from The University of Georgia where he also became a Research Associate. His research interests include Electrodeposition of Materials, Solar Photovoltaics, Nanotechnology for Hydrogen Storage, Electrocatalysis in Fuel Cells and Energy Storage via, Li-ion Battery Storage technologies for Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles. 

Dr. Mathe became a Research Group Leader in the Energy and Processes research group where he became interested in the balance between research and strategies on energy matters. Dr. Mathe later managed the Energy Materials Research Group. His group undertakes research in Electrochemical Energy and Clean Energy Technologies. For the past decade he has directed the Energy Materials research group in the areas of clean coal research, hydrogen storages, electrocatalysis and LIB cathodic materials synthesis and development.

Work under his direction has received several R&D and Management awards both at the unit level and organisationally. Currently he also is involved with the National programs of Hydrogen South Africa and Battery Research Centre.  Dr Mathe is known as an Energy Champion and Strategy Leader for Research Strategy and Government Policy development for Departments of Science and Technology (DST), Trade and Industry (dti), Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) in South Africa.

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