Kabine Komara | General Secretary
OMVS(Organisation Pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve

Kabine Komara, General Secretary, OMVS(Organisation Pour la Mise en Valeur du Fleuve

MrKomara was born in Kankan, Guinea's second city.
In 1973,Komarawas awardedwith Highest Honorsa Master's degree in Management and Accountingfrom the Higher School of Administration at the InstitutPolytechniqueGamal Abdel Nasser ofConakry. Thereafter, he began specialized studies at the InstitutSupérieur des Affaires (ISA) in Paris, then at the Economics Institute in Boulder, University of Colorado (USA). He also earned an MBA with distinction from the Business School of Rennes, and obtained a Banking Diploma from the American University in Cairo in Egypt.
MrKomara started a banking career at the Banque Centrale of Guinea in 1974. He joined the mining sector in May 1975 with the FriguiaCompany, the first and only alumina company in Africa under management of the French Pechiney, as Deputy Treasurer and then Chief of the Administrative Group. He also served in the large bauxite subsidiary of the Aluminum American Company -AlCOAin Guinea, Guinea Bauxite Company (CBG) as Deputy Director of Human Resources.  So, for a continuous period of more than 12 years, He worked full-time in the mining sector. He participated in several mining sector reforms bothin Guinea and internationally.
From 1986-1990, he established and led a strategic body of the Guinean economy,the National Directorate of Public Investments where  he set out essential reforms and mobilized significant resources from donors to finance various major projects for his country.
In 1990, he was appointed as Member of the ConseilTransitoire de Redressement National (Transitional National Recovery Council) within the Commission in charge of Economic Affairs and Cooperation.
Subsequently, from 1991 to 1995, he was Senior Economic Adviser to the Minister of Finance and Planning, and cumulatively Alternate Executive Director at the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Abidjan.
MrKomara was a member of the former team created by MrBabacarN'Diaye, AfDB President, to oversee the strategic direction for the establishment of the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) whose mandate is to promote and finance intra-African trade and African exports.
Subsequently, in August 1995, MrKomara joined Afreximbank in Cairo, Egypt, and served there for 14 years until December2008, as Senior Director of Administrative Services and Financial Assets. He fulfilleda wide variety of roles including Business development in Francophone Africa, mobilization of shareholders and leaderof the Strategy Committee.
In December 2008, MrKomara was appointed as Prime Minister of his country, Guinea. He had committed himself fully to this function with dignity, exemplary integrity and judiciously thatproved effective in avoiding many avatars to Guinea at a particularly critical time. This earned him recognition from the international community and great respect from his fellow compatriots.
In March 2010,MrKomarabecamean International Consultant in Strategy and Investment Matters. As such, his services were demanded by Multinationals, International Institutions and Governments.
M.Komara also received several awards in his career including the Prize- Winner of the Oscar for African Managers Leadership in December 2014 in Paris; and in the same year, appearing in tenth position on the list ofthe "Mobilizers of integration", M.Komara was ranked among the 100 personalities that made Africa moves in 2014.
Since April 2013,MrKomara was appointed as High Commissioner of OMVS-Senegal River Basin Development Organization by the Heads of State of Guinea, Mali, Mauritania and Senegal.
OMVS which is headquartered in Dakar is the first transboundary river basin organization in Africa whose achievements made it an excellent model for regional integration and economic development mentioned as a worldwide success story.
Under the leadership of Mr.Komara, OMVS experienced greater visibility for which it has been ranked as the world’s leading Basin Organization for the quality of its cooperation mechanism.
Komara is married with six children.

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