POWERplus LightLease (E Group BV)


E Group BV is with our brandname POWERplus market leader in eco energy powered consumer products in Europe.

Futheron, with their brandname EcoSavers we have a width range of energy saving consumer products.
We develop many products which are patented and/or EU design registrated. Innovation and out of the box thinking is one of the keys to our success.

For development countries we designed an small and compact energy and lighting system which is superior to all other system in the market today, the POWERplus Dove. Futheron we developed a new concept to replace dangerous and unhealthy kerosene lighting with solar lighting, the Light Lease concept in cooperation with the POWERplus Foundation. Come and see us at D6e to check our unique and high quality product range. For many African countries we are still looking for exclusive distributors.