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Investment & Finance, Tuesday 28 March 2017

Speed networking

Organiser’s opening remarks


Chairperson’s opening remarks

Charles Bayless

Global energy – making sense of a turbulent sector

•    How are utilities and IPPs approaching the marketplace? 
•    What are the drivers for new projects? 
•    The impact of pricing markets changes and regulatory uncertainty on power portfolio construction in general and renewables in particular
•    Is the existing energy infrastructure fit for purpose in an environment undergoing significant upheaval? 
•    How will global events affect the African power market?
•    Energy storage: The missing link to renewable energy
Professor Donald Sadoway

Africa's next 'leap frog' : Energy Storage

•    Why 2017 is the year of the battery, and how you can profit from it
•    How low-cost renewable battery could revolutionise Africa's energy supply
•    How storage could ‘unlock’ renewables
•    Technology option
•    Timelines & scalability 
•    Disengaging from government

Fireside chat with H. E Dr. Rashid Al Leem, Chairman of Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority, UAE

Keynote session reserved for the CEO of Eskom

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Investment & Finance

Investment and finance

Investment & Finance

Big picture

Taiwo Adeniji
Investment & Finance

Power infrastructure investment – why, where and how?

•    Does African infrastructure investment deliver on expectations, or do they need to be adjusted? 
•    Direct vs indirect: mutually exclusive? 
•    How are seasoned investors approaching the asset class compared to new investors
Chidi Izuwah
Investment & Finance

Game on: mega-project infrastructure opportunities

•    Translating grand ideas and vision into reality
•    Long-term needs and objectives to consider
•    Private funding, expertise, and oversight in government led projects
•    PPPs: securing additional financing, managing risk and increasing transparency and accountability
Mr Johnson Chukwu
Investment & Finance

Asset management – generating returns from expensive assets

•    Assessing the impact of a changing environment on asset price and performance
•    Creating value through change management 
•    Balancing the needs of sellers, regulators, LPs and co-investors 
•    Making experience count: putting operational expertise at the heart of the GP value proposition
Mr Johnson Chukwu, Chief Executive Officer, Cowry Asset Management
round tables


Now’s your chance to get really interactive! Simply pick one of our roundtable topics and join the debate. 
Numbers will be limited at each table, to ensure everybody gets their chance to participate in the discussion.
  • A balancing act: Higher tariffs or power cuts
  • Breaking the bottlenecks for African wind energy
  • Developing IPPs in Africa - a legal perspective
  • Chana Gluck

    Chana Gluck, General Counsel, Gigawatt Global

  • How regulators can prevent a conflict of interest when working with a vertically interegtaed utility as well as IPPs [post privatisation]
  • Mr Haliru Dikko

    Mr Haliru Dikko, DGM, NERC

  • How to curb electricity theft and vandalism
  • How to get Africa to embrace energy efficiency
  • Private Power: Overcoming barriers by emerging power producers
  • Mr Landiwe Mahlangu

    Mr Landiwe Mahlangu, Chief Economist, National African Federated Chamber of Commerce

  • Solar in use with Instrumentation in rural areas
  • Mr Ricardo Hirschbruch

    Mr Ricardo Hirschbruch, Lead Local Division Manager, ABB

  • Suitable technologies towards the DOE 3.1GW gas to power program
  • Hermann Roehm

    Hermann Roehm, Director Sales, Power Generation, MTU South Africa (Pty) Ltd

  • Tapping into bioenergy potential in Africa
  • Mamadou Diarra

    Mamadou Diarra, Consultant, Nigelec

  • The relevance of storage in Emerging Markets
  • Laurentius Human

    Laurentius Human, Chief Executive Officer, Jabil Energy

  • The value and potential of energy efficiency, and why this hasn’t been tapped to date
  • Benjamin Curnier

    Benjamin Curnier, Associate Director for Southern Africa, Carbon Trust

  • Trends in the power generation mix – fossil fuels, nuclear, renewable energy, and distributed generation
  • Mr Abel Nsabimana

    Mr Abel Nsabimana, Researcher, Polytechnical University of Gitega

    Networking Lunch and Exhibition Visit

    Investment & Finance

    Investment and finance

    Investment & Finance

    Debt and project finance

    Marina Panekeet
    Investment & Finance

    How is investor demand for power infrastructure debt changing and why?

    •     Where are investors allocating from and how has this changed? 
    •    Is the illiquidity premium adequate compensation? 
    •    What operational capacities do institutions need in place? 
          How secure are infrastructure debt investments?
    Mr Alastair Campbell
    Investment & Finance

    The evolution of CPI debt as a product - How to make the most of it ?

    •    Challenges and how to meeting them
    •    Applicability to the sustainable energy sector
    •    Structuring CPI debt products
    James Eedes
    Investment & Finance

    The capital gap: How large is the opportunity for private investment?

    •    How has public investment in infrastructure changed in Africa? 
    •    What’s preventing increased capital availability and how can we overcome these issues? 
    •    Removing regulatory barriers and how might this evolve?
    •    Is another dip on the horizon and how would it affect utilities? 
    James Eedes, Head: Project Finance, Inspired Evolution Investment Management Pty Ltd
    Amir Shaikh
    Investment & Finance

    PPPs – promising/problematic partnerships?

    •    Providing adequate deal-flow and diversification 
    •    Is the PPP in need of a rethink in developing economies? 
    •    Which markets offer the best opportunities, and what can be learned from them? 
    •    Improving and managing institutional investor access to infrastructure project finance
    Panel discussion
    Investment & Finance

    Panel:Looking ahead: long term trends impacting infrastructure investments

    •    Macro risk environment shifts: ‘No normal’ is the new normal
    •    Competition for investments heats up
    •    Asset management gets sophisticated
    •    How technology will  rocket up the infrastructure agenda
    •    Innovative new ways to fund infrastructure 
    •    The institutional debt market takes off
    •    Will Africa continue to look east?
    •    What are project sponsors and equity providers looking for
    Mr Jacob Flewelling, Africa Business Development Manager, U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA)

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    Silas Zimu

    Executive and special Presidential advisors panel : How are we modelling the power & electricity markets in our countries

    •    New large build programs
    •    Envisioned procurement programs
    •    Realising net exporter ambition 
    •    Cross border projects
    •    Where will the money come from
    •    How to expedite projects in the pipeline 
    •    Completing projects on time and in budget 
    Andre Kamba, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Supplies

    Chairpersons closing address and close of day one

    Africa Energy Awards

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    Investment & Finance, Wednesday 29 March 2017



    HE Serge Blaise Zoniaba

    Keynote: Youth in power: Changing the world by unlocking the power of young people

    •    Why engage young people?
    •    Old tactics are, well, old
    •    Seeing is believing: How to bring sexy back to the power sector
    •    From comics to apps to power stations

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    Investment and finance


    Renewable investment

    Mr Max Davison
    Investment & Finance

    The ART Solar case study – how they did it

    •    Retrofitting an assembly plant to be able to manufacture 
    •    Government support and incentives
    •    How to compete with global established players
    Mr Max Davison, Technical Manager, ARTsolar
    Investment & Finance

    Low cost capital handbook

    •    A solar guide to Yieldcos
    •    REIT Implications for Solar
    •    Tapping into a new, substantial and indefinite pool of low-cost capital using MLPs
    •    Leading the clean energy revolution: green bonds and securitisations
    Investment & Finance

    The art of the solar deal

    •    Think big
    •    What does a great deal look like
    •    Maximise your options
    •    Leverage & market knowledge 
    •    Cost containment
    Mahamat Atime
    Investment & Finance

    The role of utilities, IPPs, and strategic investors in the evolving investor landscape

    round tables


    Now’s your chance to get really interactive! Simply pick one of our roundtable topics and join the debate. 
    Numbers will be limited at each table, to ensure everybody gets their chance to participate in the discussion.
  • Energy efficiency and alternative power for the manufacturing sector
  • Energy efficiency for the 21st century built environment
  • Dr Jeremy Gibberd

    Dr Jeremy Gibberd, Founder, Gauge

  • Energy for the empowerment of women entrepreneurs
  • Expert Views on Risk Mitigation Strategies for Solar Arrays in Demanding Climates
  • Dr Stephan Padlewski

    Dr Stephan Padlewski, Strategic Marketing Manager, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions

  • How to develop a green economy
  • How to develop elements of a bankable private Power Purchase Agreement
  • Richard Doyle

    Richard Doyle, Chief Executive Officer, Mulilo Energy Partners Pty Limited

  • Infrastructure PPPs - How countries with a skills shortage can best leverage them
  • Mr Carmelo Cocuzza

    Mr Carmelo Cocuzza, Head of Regional Representation of Southern Africa and Indian Ocean, European Investment Bank

  • Towards achieving the SDG 7 goals – the role of standards & smart grids
  • Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson, Executive Secretary, AFSEC

  • Unlocking Nigeria's economy through the development of electricity infrastructure
  • Olajuwon Olaleye

    Olajuwon Olaleye, Former Special Assistant (Investments, Finance & Donor Relations), Federal Ministry Of Energy


    Networking Lunch and Exhibition Visit


    Investment and finance


    Risk management

    Lolu Adubifa
    Investment & Finance

    Madness and prayers: Managing currency risk in power projects

    •    Decide which currency to manage
    •    Which currency risks can be managed?
    •    Take a holistic perspective
    •    Understanding limitations of financial instruments
    •    Investor transparency
    Keith Martin
    Investment & Finance

    Risk allocation, bankability and mitigation in project financed transactions

    •    Intersection between project finance and risk mitigation for power projects
    •    Partial risk and partial credit guarantees
    •    Political risk insurance & government loan guarantees – are they worth the paper they are written on?
    •    Risk-sharing in the syndicated loan market

    Alternative finance

    Quintonquinton Soper
    Investment & Finance

    Panel: How private sector financing of infrastructure can accelerate development

    Quintonquinton Soper, Senior Investment Officer, Proparco
    Mr Johnson Chukwu, Chief Executive Officer, Cowry Asset Management
    Vincent Gueneau
    Investment & Finance

    The Nigerian private equity experience

    Vincent Gueneau, Chairman, Kappafrik Group

    Exhibition Visit, Networking, Refreshments


    Close of Power and Electricity World Africa 2017

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