Investment, Tuesday 27 March 2018


Organiser’s opening remarks


Chairperson’s opening remarks

Robert Armstrong

Rethinking universal access to energy in Africa

  •     Energy policy & economics redefined: Reframing the energy mix at government level
  •     How should power be democratised to the masses so more people can access electricity
  •     Understanding the evolving role of the utility in the value chain - How will the utility business model change as small-scale, distributed renewable energy adoption grows
  •     How can we better operate the utility of the future?
  •     Getting to the promise land: Realising the promise of gas to power in Africa
  •     Infrastructure upgrades to improve efficiency, reliability and reduce costs
  •     Accelerating new builds: Investment required to propel the industry forward
  •     Solving the talent crises
Robert Armstrong, Director of MIT Energy Initiative, M.I.T. Energy Initiative

Keynote session reserved for the CEO of Eskom

Lawrence Jones

Shaping the future of energy

  •     The state of the global energy markets
  •     Megatrends for energy efficiency and renewable energy and how these will impact Africa
  •     Digitalisation and how it is redefining energy
  •     New energy pioneers - Exploring the shifting forces in power markets
  •     Future energy prices - Impact on green technology
  •     Biofuels controversy, the solar disruption and climate change
  •     Fossil fuels & thermal generation – Do they still have a future?
  •     Tech & innovation – What comes next?
Brian Dames

Fire side chat: How to groom better energy leaders

Brian Dames, CEO, African Rainbow Energy & Power

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Mohamed Muddy Rwiza

What the future holds for the global infrastructure ecosystem

  •     How does the infrastructure space look in 2020? 
  •     Addressing increasing urbanisation and higher demand for power 
  •     Emerging risk issues: Stranded assets, sustainability and disruptive technology 
  •     The role of private capital in developing the next-gen African power infrastructure

Long-term investing in an environment of disruptive change

  •     What are the key long-term challenges for African power as an asset class?
  •     Deal structuring in a world of disruptive technology and innovation
  •     Matching shifting investor risk appetites
  •     Defining future fund models: What’s the optimal fund structure and terms? 
Vibhuti Jain

Evolution in financial structures and vehicles enabling investment

  •     Regulatory changes and their impacts on capital availability
  •     Debt versus equity: how do yields and risks compare?
  •     Options for investment and the investor profile they suit
  •     How to deal with issues of oversight and governance 

Networking Lunch and Exhibition Visit

Herta Von Stiegel

Private Equity – Betting big on African power infrastructure

  •     Continuing the upward trend
  •     Managing risks, cross-country projects and long lead time
  •     Hot geos for large capital deployment
  •     Finding investable projects 

Private Equity & Project Finance

Panel discussion

Panel: Unlocking project financing

  •     New developments, trends and policies updates 
  •     Opportunities for developing infrastructure in Africa
  •     Securing and moving the project pipeline
  •     Project development – Redefining key principles for bankability
  •     Legal issues: Enforcement in project financing 

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ROUNDTABLE: Consolidating energy reforms across Africa


ROUNDTABLE: Designing of power plants - Keeping energy efficiency in mind

Gareth Gregory

ROUNDTABLE: Eye on the horizon: How utilities can prepare for a DER future


ROUNDTABLE: Innovative approaches for rural electrification in Zambia

Barnia Flowernysd Raherinantenaina

African energy projects: Sovereign guarantee or no sovereign guarantee? A choice with a long-lasting impact

  •     Are African power sovereign guarantees worth the paper they are written on? 
  •     Innovative funding models – financing without sovereign guarantees
  •     For the bold and fearless: How to invest in a non-investment grade market
  •     Where are the investors looking to invest
Brian O'Hanlon, Director of Business Development, Political & Sovereign Risk Insurance, Overseas Private Investment Corporation
David Mabumba, Minister, Ministry of Energy & Water Development, Zambia
Lynn Tabernacki, Managing Director, Renewables Group, Overseas Private Investment Corporation
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Investment, Wednesday 28 March 2018


Chairperson’s opening remarks

Panel discussion

Keynote panel: An industry on the move: The utility of the future

  •     Increasing pressure in the global power industry’s core businesses and unprecedented competition across the value chain
  •     Massive opportunities awaiting those able to transform themselves and stay ahead of the curve as new technologies becomes competitive in many markets and have profoundly changed utilities needs
  •     How this is affecting utilities across the globe and in Africa especially as many view the revolution as a threat to their business model
  •     Diversifying the utility’s business model to safeguard profits: Ancillary service revenue opportunities from managing the customer’s home
  •     The grid is going smart: How to position the utility as a broadband service provider 

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Renewable investment

Andrew Palmateer

Renewable energy – political will versus economic viability

  •     Myths about renewable energy, busted!
  •     Reframing climate change mitigation as a jobs issue and an issue that is central to economic development and growth
  •     Improving the industry’s reaction to political resistance
  •     How do you get the political commitment 
  •     Which policies and subsidy regimes are working? Which ones aren’t?
  •     Which governments have had the most stable attitude to and relationship with renewables investors? 
Panganayi Sithole

Getting solar back on track: An action agenda for reform

  •     A sunny outlook?
  •     Rebooting utility procurement
  •     How to scale onsite development for commercial solar
  •     How can we speed up the land acquisition process
  •     Developing the residential solar market
  •     Repackaging finance & technical support services
  •     Beyond South Africa - Which markets are offering strong pipelines? 
Panganayi Sithole, Executive Director, Zimbabwe Energy Council

Roundtable Discussion Session

Now’s your chance to get really interactive! Simply pick one of our roundtable topics and join the debate. 
Numbers will be limited at each table, to ensure everybody gets their chance to participate in the discussion.

ROUNDTABLE: Cross border projects – getting them to work


ROUNDTABLE: Intelligence through software: optimising loads, orchestrating resources, and aggregating fleets


ROUNDTABLE: Opportunities in a destabilised African energy environment, setting a new trajectory


ROUNDTABLE: Regulator roundup: Tying it all together


ROUNDTABLE: Rural electrification in Africa: An economic development opportunity?


ROUNDTABLE: The Clean Power Plan – The African edition - Lesson’s from Obama’s Clean Power Plan


ROUNDTABLE: The regulatory framework requirement as the electricity supply industry transition distribution generation


The YieldCo boom and bust: The return to normalcy

  •     A deeper look into Yieldco structuring
  •     The YieldCo model is not broken. But investor expectations have changed
  •     Pulling out the ATM cards
  •     Where to next? 

Sparking a green bank movement to support African renewable deployment

  •     Understanding of the green bank model
  •     How green banks are currently leveraging and attracting private dollars in international markets 
Johnson Chukwu

Alternative funding – what else is out there?

  •     OEM and vendor financing 
  •     BOO, BOOT & BOT – what works & what doesn’t 
  •     Pool Financing – An alternate way for financing renewable projects 

Brownfield financing

Patricia Safo

Brownfields financing toolkit

  •     A guide for financing brownfields redevelopment projects 
  •     Brownfield redevelopment: A risk versus reward proposition
  •     Using tax increment financing to "clean up" brownfields 
Nnaemeka Ewelukwa

Panel: Brownfields: Finding, financing, fixing, and future use

  •     Unbundling integrated assets, capital recycling and ongoing equity partnerships 
  •     Squaring the circle around conflicting interests and differing time horizons 
  •     Which vehicles work best in an asset sell-down scenario?  
Ashwin West, ‎Investment Principal, African Infrastructure Investment Managers

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