Ying Pan | Director of Translational Science
CStone | China

Ying Pan, Director of Translational Science, CStone

Ying Pan, PhD is the Director of Translational Science at CStone Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Pan joined CStone at 2017 from Stanford University, where she had 9 years of training in translational cancer research and developed her expertise in biomarker discovery, cancer molecular imaging, and development of in vitro diagnostics. Her interdisciplinary research has led to numerous peer-reviewed articles in biology, bioengineering, and clinical medicine, as well as an invited chapter in a U.S. medical textbook. Her discovery of a novel molecular imaging agent for bladder cancer was published on Science Translational Medicine with press release from Stanford University.


Phar-East Day One @ 11:00

Cancer precision medicine: From screening to drug selection and development

  • Personalised, affordable and high efficacy are the ideal criteria of a medicine. But the big question is how do we actually move towards providing highly personalised medicine to patients in need?
  • Investigate the pathway to the future of medicine, from drug discovery, development to reaching out to the patients.

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