KroniKare is an award-winning AI-driven system that automates the assessment & management of chronic wounds. Using multi-spectral image analysis and machine-learning algorithms running on a smartphone, KroniKare reduces the time taken to assess chronic wounds from 30 minutes to less than 30 seconds and generates automatic reports with accuracy on-par with expert wound care specialists. The KroniKare app acts as an AI-based training companion to upskilling junior nurses through technology and acts as a multiplier to extend expert wound care specialists and doctors. KroniKare app can upskill maids at home, to become basic health providers, enabling them to act quickly and properly at each situation. By providing timely and accurate monitoring, reporting, and alert system, KroniKare can detect early signs of complications and lead to preventions and faster recovery with significant cost savings (Beyond Quality to Value). In addition, KroniKare is working closely with IHiS in integrating its unified framework with NEHR, and to provide uninterrupted continuity of care from hospitals to rehab to homecare by efficient upskilling and utilizing manpower (Beyond Hospital to Community). And finally, KroniKare acts as an accessible screening tool and individual-monitoring service to keep track of or prevent complications among at-risk population (Beyond Healthcare to Health).







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