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Overcoming development challenges for Asian solar projects

Thursday 18th June 2020, 2:00 PM (GMT +8) 

Hosted by Terrapinn 

With a lowering of some project costs and increased demand for energy generated by solar projects, there’s never been a better time to get your solar projects moving. But like all energy projects, they can be difficult to navigate. Join this webinar as we show you how to avoid overcome development challenges.

From land acquisition to permitting, financing to risk management, contract management to securing PPAs, don’t miss this toolkit session on how to make sure your project development is first class.


Join this interactive webinar where you will learn;

  • What are the key development hurdles faced in developing solar projects in Asia? Do they differ by country?
  • How can you speed-up the land acquisition and permitting phase?
  • How can you build an effective relationship with the regulators and how can you manage the fallout when support regimes are altered, sometimes with little or no notice?
  • What about local content? Are all countries expecting local partners to be a part of the projects, and are the right skills always in market?
  • Let’s talk money – is borrowing potential country specific? Are international banks willing to lend to projects in markets with higher sovereign risk?
  • What’s the most exciting solar market in Asia for developers right now?
  • What are the technology innovations creating new opportunities for Asian solar developers?
  • What will the impact of COVID-19 be on solar project development?




Featured Panellists:

Moderator: Daniel Rye, Director - BD, Canopy Power

Moderator: Daniel Rye

Director - BD

Canopy Power

Cristiano Spillati, Managing Director, Limes Renewable Energy

Cristiano Spillati

Managing Director

Limes Renewable Energy

Laurence Kwan, Director - Energy, Sunseap

Laurence Kwan

Director - Energy


Samridh Goyal, Founder & CEO, Solar Horizon

Samridh Goyal

Founder & CEO

Solar Horizon


Gavin Adda, CEO, Total Solar Distributed Generation

Gavin Adda


Total Solar Distributed Generation


*Registration for the webinar is free for all to attend.

Who should sign up:

  • Solar project developers
  • Financiers & investors
  • Multilateral agencies
  • Government regulators
  • Project development consultants
  • EPCs & solar panel technology providers
  • Energy analysts & consultants
  • Solution providers



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