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Hybrid solar & storage: the future of renewables in Asia?

Thursday 4th June 2020, 10:00 (GMT +8)

Hosted by Terrapinn 

Hybrid solar and storage technology offers incredible potential for both commercial and residential users. And it's no longer a case of having to develop the two elements separately and link them together, now you can develop a pure hybrid project from the outset, offering new opportunities for solar energy as baseload, increasing system resiliency and efficiency and that can be supported by power producers' existing grid infrastructure.

Join this webinar and hear more from our expert panel on the future of hybrid solar.


Join this interactive webinar where you will learn;

  • How commonplace are solar+storage projects becoming? Have we seen increased uptake in the last year?
  • Does integrating storage capabilities into your solar project change how you get the projects financed? Are investors keen on this hybrid approach?
  • How big an impact is the advent of solar+storage hybrid projects having on the capability of solar to be a reliable form of baseload power?
  • Is there a different in the capabilities of rooftop and utility-scale projects in terms of how they cope with the hybrid approach?
  • Can solar+storage help to create opportunities for rural electrification projects?


Featured Panellists:

Moderator: Jack Kneeland, Partner, Vector Energy Advisory

Moderator: Jack Kneeland


Vector Energy Advisory

Gayrajan Kohli, Director, Energy & Infrastructure, ARC Capital

Gayrajan Kohli

Director, Energy & Infrastructure

ARC Capital

Daniel Rye, Director - BD, Canopy Power

Daniel Rye

Director - BD

Canopy Power

George Garabandic, Principal Consultant, DNV GL

George Garabandic

Principal Consultant



Paul English, Director, Hybrids - Solar, GE Renewable Energy

Paul English

Director, Hybrids - Solar

GE Renewable Energy





*Registration for the webinar is free for all to attend.

Who should sign up:

  • Solar project developers
  • Energy storage technology providers
  • Financiers & investors
  • Multilateral agencies
  • Government regulators
  • Project development consultants
  • EPCs & solar panel technology providers
  • Energy analysts & consultants
  • Solution providers



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