Yara Azouqa | Learning Community Coordinator
Abu Dhabi University | United Arab Emirates

Yara Azouqa, Learning Community Coordinator, Abu Dhabi University

Ms. Yara Azouqa is a Senior Instructor of English in Abu Dhabi University. She is a founding member of Abu Dhabi University and has been an active member of faculty since 2003. Throughout her service with ADU, she served in a variety of positions ranging from TESOL instructor, Testing Coordinator, and most currently as Senior Instructor of English and Learning Community Coordinator in University College. Her research interests include: teacher training, curriculum development, emotional literacy, first year learning communities. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Education with a focus on Higher Education.


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 14:20

Panel: Designing a deeper personalised learning experience

  •     Driving learning for distance students
  •     Anticipating the needs of digital natives that have grown up with consumer-based interactive technologies  
  •     Creating a personalised learning network for each student: anywhere, anytime  
  •     Learning the way we live 
  •     Using adaptive learning to complement online or hybrid environments

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