Spencer Striker | Assistant Professor of Digital Media
American University in Dubai | United Arab Emirates

Spencer Striker, Assistant Professor of Digital Media, American University in Dubai

Dr. Striker’s passion for combining history education with digital media technology goes back many years, to when he completed undergraduate degrees in both History and Film Production at the University of Texas at Austin. He later cut his teeth in entrepreneurship by starting an online media company, called GameZombie TV, a four-time Webby Award winning game media studio that ran with considerable success from 2007-2012. His entrepreneurship credentials also include co-founding the Media Arts & Game Development program at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater. He meanwhile earned a PhD in Digital Media from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he studied under some of the leading experts on Digital Media & Learning, (including Kurt Squire and Constance Steinkuehler). His doctoral work at UW-Madison laid the groundwork for the Big History interactive digital learning concept. 

In 2013, Dr. Striker became founding creative director for a digital media and learning startup based in Mountain View, CA - called Galxyz, Inc. - which secured $3m in Series A funding from Relay Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective, and is currently performing well in the iTunes App Store. He spearheaded Galxyz’ product and creative from concept to full-fledged startup - overseeing product design and development strategy; building from scratch and quarterbacking a cross-functional team of mobile app dev professionals; and creatively directing and producing a scalable, narrative-themed next gen digital media product initiative. 

Since coming to Dubai, and joining the American University in Dubai’s Digital Media faculty in the fall of 2015, Dr. Striker’s goal has been to launch a successful EdTech startup in what he considers to be one of the most innovative cities of the 21st century. In addition to launching several successful podcasts, including Digital Media & Tech in Dubai, and the Dubai Wave Podcast, he has forged ahead with building the prototype for Big History Adventures, toward which he won a fellowship to the Harris Manchester College at Oxford, as well as forging an official partnership with the International Big History Association. With plans to reach an alpha prototype by fall of 2017, the next step is to raise seed capital to expand and accelerate the development of Big History Adventures.


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 16:00

Case study: A new digital learning experience with Big History Adventures

  •     Utilising storytelling with narrativization that’s scalable
  •     Incorporating mobile entertainment design and tech innovation
  •     Fostering student curiosity 
  •     Building conceptual connections between different fields of human inquiry

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