Shadi Ayoub | Senior Manager, Learning Resources
Institute Of Applied Technology | United Arab Emirates

Shadi Ayoub, Senior Manager, Learning Resources, Institute Of Applied Technology

Shadi Ayoub is the Senior Manager of instructional technology and Learning Resource Centres at the
Applied Technology High Schools (ATHS) and the Secondary Technical Schools (STS) in UAE. He has
more than 17 years of experience working in different educational settings and different roles related
to teaching, curriculum development, assessment, educational technology, learning resource centres,
and educational leadership. He holds a PhD degree in education with a focus on educational
management, leadership, and policies. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Computer
Engineering, which empowered his knowledgebase with high level of technical and content
knowledge in the field of computers and web technologies. His engagement in both fields has formed
a strong passion towards coding and technology integration in high schools.
Shadi Ayoub started his career in Jordan as a university lecturer, during which he was involved in many
initiatives related to technology integration and computer science curriculum development.
Afterwards, he moved to UAE to work at the Institute of Applied Technology where he was assigned
two strategic tasks namely, developing the computer science curriculum and the one‐to‐one elearning
solution to all ATHS schools.
The main achievement during his career at IAT is the implementation of educational technology in
schools, which includes the infrastructure, Apple MacBook program, Apple iPad program, the Learning
Management System (LMS), the online assessment system, Mobile Device Management (MDM)
system, School Information System (SIS), and the EdTech professional development program for
teachers. He was also an active contributor in activities linked to accreditation, policymaking, and
strategy planning. By going through this journey, leading strategic technology integration projects for
schools, he established a specific “world view” regarding the effective measures that any educational
system needs to adopt in order to have a successful technology integration program.


EduTECH M.E. day 2 @ 11:20

Panel: Creating a modern vision for teaching and learning

  •     Understanding the limitations of most current technology implementations in schools
  •     Building a vision that transforms, not just digitalises learning  
  •     Articulating and communicating your mission to the school community 
  •     Creating a culture of learning and support 
  •     Moving beyond literacy and numeracy: into the realms of critical thinking, ethical action and a deep awareness of our global culture

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