Sana Farid | CEO
VRXOne | Bahrain

Sana Farid, CEO, VRXOne

Dr. Sana Farid is the Co-Founder and CEO for Munfarid Consulting, Sana is determined to work persistently to enhance the education system thru adapting modern techniques including the use of latest technology.  Sana is keen to embed in-depth fervor in learners to excel towards self-reliance and gratification, and become exquisite professionals. An award-winning speaker and trainer, Dr. Sana has been involved with various entities at all levels from strategic alliances to extensive program engagements. Helping to build roadmaps and structured educational programs for government, private and corporates. Sana has been conducting workshops since 2016 covering topics such as Virtual Reality Education in Schools, Assistive Technology and effective use of Virtual Reality for Corporates. She is a native Arab speaker and fluent in English. You can follow her twitter @drsanafarid


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 14:15

AR/VR in the classroom: an implementation framework program

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