Dr Salma Zaki Nashef | Assistant Professor
Jordanian Scientific Research Society | Jordan

Dr Salma Zaki Nashef, Assistant Professor, Jordanian Scientific Research Society

Salma Nashef Lives in Amman, Jordan. She holds a PhD in education, is the author of nine books, and has published numerous research articles. She has worked in several universities in the Arab world and Jordan, as well as in Jordan’s Ministry of Education.
Salma believes that education is important because it affects all aspects of life and can replace negative attitudes or behavior. She also believes that the role of a teacher is to reinforce such positive attitudes and behavior to improve the values and dispositions. To Salma, there is a strong connection between the natural sciences and the sciences of education.
Salma loves sports, embroidery, reading, listening to music and learning about technology. She is also passionate about travel, writing and photography. She has a page in the e-National Geographic magazine: www.Yourshot.nationalgeographic.com. Salma is writing a book about her travels around the world, and hopes to finish it this year for publication in different languages.


EduTECH M.E. day 2 @ 15:50

Encouraging sustainable education

  •     Exploring the Sustainable Development goals (SDG's)
  •     What is Agenda 2030?
  •     Examining the relation between SDG's & education
  •     What are the recommendations for higher education? 

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