Radoslaw Janik | Language Research Specialist
Ministry Of Education | United Arab Emirates

Radoslaw Janik, Language Research Specialist, Ministry Of Education

A PhD candidate of Theoretical Linguistics, an MSc candidate of Computational Linguistics, language researcher, educator, translator and interpreter, speaker of five, with 14 years of international experience. Current interests include education research and assessment, construction grammar, language modelling and computational linguistics, cognitive linguistics and creativity. His linguistic research pertains to language of constructions and idiomaticity, path phrases and verb instrumental thematic roles and their behaviour in various linguistic contexts.


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 14:40

Machine learning and cybernetics in a 21st century classroom

  •     Assessing the issues of computer-based assessment 
  •     Why data-driven models are key to successful education 
  •     A case of short-answer questions processing
  •     Cybernetics in a teacher-student relationship 
  •     An example of simple linear regression in psychometric analysis

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