Parwaneh Sepasi | High School Science Teacher
American School of Dubai | United Arab Emirates

Parwaneh Sepasi, High School Science Teacher, American School of Dubai

My name is Parwaneh Rezai Sepasi, and this school year is my 18th year of teaching. I have taught Biology, AP Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Marine Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Physical Education, Theory of Knowledge, and IB DP Biology SL/HL. I am also an IB examiner for Biology and Theory of Knowledge.

A committed life-long learner, I am currently completing a doctorate degree in Biology. I have done scientific research on an endangered plant species endemic to some parts of the Philippines to explore ways to promote biodiversity conservation. I have also worked with a group of Aetas, an indigenous tribe found in the northern part of the Philippines, by helping them preserve their heritage knowledge of the use and properties of medicinal plants.

Apart from Science and teaching, I am also passionate about sports and the performing arts. I have directed, choreographed and produced middle and high school musicals, coached the varsity Badminton team, and ran salsa classes in high school.

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