Noha Bishara | Digital and Innovation Coach
Dubai American Academy at Nations | United Arab Emirates

Noha Bishara, Digital and Innovation Coach, Dubai American Academy at Nations

Noha is a passionate Early Years educators with over 14 years of experience working with this age group. She completed her Bachelor of Education at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and worked in the same city for the Toronto District school Board for 4 years. She moved to Dubai with her young family in 2008 where she joined the GEMS network of schools. Noha has worked for GEMS in the capacity of a primary years teacher and an Early Years Coordinator for close to 10 years. Noha Completed her Masters of Educational Leadership at Murdoch University, Dubai. As a passionate EC educator, she participated in the Reggio Emilia Middle East Study Group which impacted her teaching practice and work shop leadership philosophy tremendously. As Noha joined GEMS Nations Academy, she started working more closely with coding and robotics as technology was the main driving force behind the educational program at the school. As a firm believer in the need for helping children develop their computational thinking skills from a very young age and a teacher who has always seen value in integrating technology effectively in all areas of the curriculum, Noha is here to share the “ Good News” with you and to help demonstrate some of the great impact robotics and coding have on the Early Years  Students.


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 15:50

Computational thinking in the early years

  •     Why and how can we start building computational thinking skills in the Early Years 
  •     Exploring emergent robots suitable for children 4-8 years of age
  •     An inquiry into how robotics can be integrated into everyday learning

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