Naja Faysal | Principal
Boldwin International School | Lebanon

Naja Faysal, Principal, Boldwin International School

"Naja Faysal is the Principal of Boldwin International School, Lebanon. Coming from the communications industry and witnessing the transformations caused by the digital revolution, he became one of the leading figures to speak about integrating technology in education. He was among the first in Lebanon to integrate Tablets at his school believing that merging technology and education is a powerful formula in building empowered leaders of the future. He speaks in conferences and has several TV appearances."


EduTECH M.E. day 2 @ 15:40

A step by step guide to driving your digital transformation plan

  •     Maximising the use of instructional technology to support excellence in teaching and learning
  •     Engaging all stakeholders with collaborative design thinking challenges 
  •     Developing a unififed leadership plan 
  •     Identifying and overcoming limitations 
  •     Conducting micro-pilots of 1:1 equipment and processes 
  •     Deliver an easy and positive experience for stakeholders from day one  

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