Nadine Tarazi | Senior Education Advisor
Cambridge International Examinations | United Arab Emirates

Nadine Tarazi, Senior Education Advisor, Cambridge International Examinations

Dr. Nadine Tarazi is a trainer, educator, leader, researcher, and a scholar, mostly; Dr. Nadine is an expert in global training and development especially in the education field with a focus on educational curricula, instructional strategies, assessment, and leadership. Dr. Nadine speaks three languages (English, French, and Arabic) and has led many training sessions in global conferences for teachers, middle management, and key leaders. Her extensive academic and working experience in different education systems; American, French, and International Baccalaureate curricula; enabled her to develop a comprehensive understanding of global education needs, the way assessment data and benchmarking tools affect schools’ success, and a deep understanding of the different challenges that school leaders and educational organizations face.
Dr. Nadine Tarazi holds a Doctorate Degree in Education with a specialization in Global Training and Development.


EduTECH M.E. day 2 @ 15:40

Creating authentic learning experiences and assessment strategies

  •     Moving beyond test scores to evaluate student achievement 
  •     Weighing up mastery based grading vs portfolios 
  •     Equipping students with the skills they need for higher education and the future workforce 
  •     Incorporating real-world learning into schools 
  •     Flip and reverse it: ensuring that testing and results are not driving pedagogical decisions
  •     Fostering a culture of achievement instead of teaching and learning
  •     Allowing students to interact with content in multiple ways

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