Mohammed Bhorat | Teacher
Ajman Academy | United Arab Emirates

Mohammed Bhorat, Teacher, Ajman Academy

Mohammed is from Manchester in the United Kingdom. He has been living in the UAE for the last 5 Years and is married to Zainab. He was previously based in Al Ain and Dubai.

Mohammed Graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in the field of Business and computing. He later completed a Post Graduate Diploma in TEFL and Linguistics.

A firm believer in education, Mohammed believes that students have a right to self-development and should be provided with the opportunity to realise their own potential.

Throughout Mohammed's career he has believed that enjoyment leads to passion, therefore it is fundamental to his teaching ethos that all students gain a passion for learning, through enjoying their learning.

This passion will lead students to achieve the individual learning goals, and achieve personal success. He believes that key to this success is ensuring that all students learn in a safe and nurturing environment, whilst ensuring that each students is ambitiously challenged to achieve their goals.


EduTECH M.E. day 2 @ 14:40

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  •     Meeting the needs and pace of each student
  •     Transforming learning outcomes 
  •     Customising content and saving you time to teach, inspire and help your students achieve mastery
  •     Leveraging algorithms to increase student engagement

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