Mohamad Saad | Principal
Madar International School | United Arab Emirates

Mohamad Saad, Principal, Madar International School

•    Holds a BA in English language and literature teaching, Lebanese University 1992
•    Hold a PGD in Finance and Accounting, University of Liverpool 2012
•    Hold and MBA in Educational Leadership, University of Northampton 2016
•    A business manager, vice principal and principal since 2007.
•    Professional trainer and senior consultant since 2008 (with On Track International, UK). 
•    Helped schools and organizations change and develop/raise inspection rating/obtain and retain accreditation.  
•    Chaired in-school committees with regards to curriculum development, IT infrastructure upgrade, school improvement, professional development plans, school improvements plans etc.


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 11:20

Panel: Building school wide innovation

  •     Examining educational frameworks: Universal Design for Learning 
  •     Facilitating ‘edge to edge’ learning for all students 
  •     Cultivating a culture for innovators, leaders, pioneers, creators and entrepreneurs to thrive  
  •     Fostering flexible, open learning environments

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