Mark Pollitt | Asst. Head Teaching and Learning
Ajman Academy | United Arab Emirates

Mark Pollitt, Asst. Head Teaching and Learning, Ajman Academy

After service in the British Armed Forces, Mark retrained as a Mathematics Teacher. Since 2002 Mark has taught in a variety of schools in the UK and the Middle East, ranging from small private schools in the UK to Mainstream Comprehensives to several International schools in the Middle East. In his present role in Ajman Academy, he has actively been involved in the Academy's application for ADS as well as overseeing the academy's development of Student data and its involvement in ensuring student progress. Mark is an advocate of the benefits of the use of Apple Technology within the classroom to enhance rather than replace learning.


EduTECH M.E. day 2 @ 14:40

Rock your class (and test scores) with adaptive learning technology

  •     Meeting the needs and pace of each student
  •     Transforming learning outcomes 
  •     Customising content and saving you time to teach, inspire and help your students achieve mastery
  •     Leveraging algorithms to increase student engagement

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