Ghada Fahmi | Computing and ICT Teacher
Victoria International School of Sharjah | United Arab Emirates

Ghada Fahmi, Computing and ICT Teacher, Victoria International School of Sharjah

Completing a Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in Computer Engineering at Baghdad University of Technology in 2001, Ghada most recently obtained a Master of Education from Deakin University in Victoria, Australia. In her Master’s degree, she specialized in educational leadership and research, but also did some work in the creative teaching of mathematics. In addition, Ghada has worked with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, delivering lectures in two VCE in China Conferences which it has sponsored, and working on a special project with the Ouiga people, a Muslim minority in Beicheng, in the far north west of China. She has worked for eight years at the Victoria International School Sharjah, teaching from K through to Year 11 in a variety of subjects including ICT and languages. Between 2012 and 2014, Ghada also took part in an extended mentoring program for Principals of UAE National schools, discussing modern pedagogy and educational leadership for cycle one and cycle two schools. Ghada worked as  Head of ICT at Ajman Academy, a leading technology school in the UAE until 2017. Complementing her main work as a teacher, she also works with a leading publishing company in the UAE as an editor and author for children’s literature and educational materials. 
For Ghada, education is a lifelong process and the pathway to true freedom and self-fulfilment. School is where students are given the intellectual and psychological tools to become lifetime learners. She has a great belief in the power of applied positive psychology to help students reach their full potential. As a classroom teacher, Ghada recognizes each student as a unique individual who has special gifts which need to be nurtured and developed. She has always believed that the relationship with her students is the key to success and this is what underpins her teaching method.


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 12:00

Harnessing technology to support collaboration in the classroom

  •     Delivering location-independent learning: access resources anywhere, anytime 
  •     Utilising cloud storage to share resources 
  •     Exploring the potential of BYOD and 1:1 strategies 
  •     Harnessing the power of edtech to collaborate digitally and improve learning outcomes
  •     Securing your network  

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