George Stokes | Digital Learning Leader
SAFA British School | United Arab Emirates

George Stokes, Digital Learning Leader, SAFA British School

George is a keen innovator within education. He believes that it is important to always ask the question, 'how could we do this better?' George has worked within education for six years, and found himself drawn to the impact that technology can have on the education system. 
Around two years ago, George embarked on an ambitious challenge to build his own learning platform for his students to share the educational content that they were creating in school. This transformed the students from passive consumers of educational content, to active participants in creating the content themselves. Ever since this moment, George's students have been reaping the rewards that this student-driven learning produces. In recognition of this, George changed the name of the platform to 'Sharek', which means 'participation' in Arabic. At the time of writing this, Sharek is helping sixteen schools in the UAE achieve the same results and hopes to help many more in the near future.
George is a keen reader about all things education. He also enjoys writing and speaking about the subject. This year he has had articles published in Teach Middle East Magazine; and has spoken at the excellent JESS Innovation Summit and GESS 2017 conference.


EduTECH M.E. day 2 @ 15:20

Unleashing the power of the Protégé Effect

  •     Exploring the origins of the Protégé Effect – learning through teaching others 
  •     How you can use it in your classroom  
  •     Which technology and apps work best for this type of learning 
  •     Sharing real life case studies 

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