Dr. Megan Hastie | STEM Teacher
Al Yasat Private School | United Arab Emirates

Dr. Megan Hastie, STEM Teacher, Al Yasat Private School

Dr Megan HASTIE is the STEM Teacher at Al Yasat Private School in Abu Dhabi.  Megan moved from Australia to the UAE in August 2017. Her research focus is ‘best practice’ in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), specifically STEM through the use of educational robots.  Megan has previously collaborated on e-learning and e-health research and development in Australia, Asia and The Pacific, work that is documented in e-learning publications, journals and presentations. Her current research interest is the role of STEM in the building of futures for learners and in nation building.


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 15:25

Yes We Do STEM @ AYPS Abu Dhabi

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