Damien Marshall | Deputy Head Primary
Raffles World Academy | United Arab Emirates

Damien Marshall, Deputy Head Primary, Raffles World Academy

As the Deputy Head of Academics in the Upper Primary School, Damien is responsible for continuing to develop the quality of teaching and learning in the upper part of the primary school (Grades 3-5). As the Head of Digital Learning, he is responsible for supporting the high-quality integration of technology into classrooms across the school, supporting students and teachers in classrooms, as well as leading the strategic planning for the school in this area. Damien also has a role across the Innoventures group of schools as the Digital Learning Coordinator, helping to support schools with their strategical planning in regards to digital learning, as well as the implementation of this planning in the schools.
Damien has worked in the field of education in the schooling and government sector, with a passion for driving the effective use of technology to support high-quality teaching and learning. In addition to his degree in Primary Education, Damien also has a Masters of Educational Leadership, Graduate Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language and a Diploma in Community Development.


EduTECH M.E. day 2 @ 15:00

Use of AR in the classroom

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