Catherine Erpen | Assistant Principal
GEMS World Academy Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates

Catherine Erpen, Assistant Principal, GEMS World Academy Abu Dhabi

Catherine Erpen is Assistant Elementary Principal, PYP & Early Years Coordinator at GEMS World Academy in Abu Dhabi. Though Catherine began her teaching career in the UK, she moved quickly into international education and has enjoyed various roles in international schools in Thailand, Japan and now the UAE for the last 11 years. Having worked as a teacher, curriculum coordinator, team leader and school administrator, Catherine is attuned to the many challenges faced at all layers within education teams with regards the successful integration of technology into both teaching and learning. She is committed to finding the most meaningful and effective strategies and tools that can enhance learning. Catherine is part of the COETAIL community and through this experience has been inspired to find innovative ways to enhance students’ educational experience, and in doing so develop digitally literate citizens who can contribute positively to society.


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 11:20

Panel: Developing workforce readiness through collaborative learning

  •     Incorporating project based learning and instructional design
  •     Creating an effective classroom geography
  •     Focusing on the process, not right answers
  •     Providing project based learning, problem based learning and inquiry based learning opportunities

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