Asha Alexander | Principal
Kindergarten Starters | United Arab Emirates

Asha Alexander, Principal, Kindergarten Starters

Asha Alexander is the Principal at The Kindergarten Starters, Dubai, a GEMS Primary School, catering to 5500 students. She received her Master of Science in Educational Leadership from The Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2011 and she also holds a Master’s degree in Education and English from the Bangalore University in India.
With three decades of experience in the provision of education to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 she has overseen the transition in the delivery of curriculum from textbooks to an exclusively digital curriculum at her present school. Ms. Alexander has made presentations at numerous teacher conferences and seminars and has conducted workshops on leadership, team building and change management for several schools in India and the UAE. Her expertise lies in English, Curriculum, Kindergarten, Leadership, Teaching and Learning, Assessments and Personal and Social Responsibility. She is the recipient of the Big Idea Amazing Principal Award for three successive years (2012-2015) recipient of LEGO’s Best Principal Award (2017) and GESS’ award of Ambassador for the Environment.(2017) She is a member of the Creating Communities of Innovation which is part of the Project Zero Action Research carried out by the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


EduTECH M.E. day 2 @ 11:40

Transforming education through a culture of collaboration

  •     Organisational capacity, strategic planning and quality assurance
  •     Building teacher and leader capacity 
  •     Investing in teacher effectiveness to improve student learning 
  •     Facilitating collaboration and continuous learning by connecting teachers across your school 
  •     Creating virtual professional learning communities and recognising professional growth 

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