Ali Habbache | IT Integration Leader
Ajman Academy | United Arab Emirates

Ali Habbache, IT Integration Leader, Ajman Academy

Every school has stories to share, stories that will not only engage, astonish, delight, and impact their students’ lives, but also will deliver on a ‘SMART’ business goals.  And I am the bridge between technology and education.

I help teachers find the technology and medium that best fits their unique style of teaching.  I then conduct research about advancements in technology, find new tools, and resources that can be implemented in the classroom.  I host regular EdTech workshops to enable our teachers to be the most up-to date they can. 

Currently, I am the IT Integrator Leader at Ajman Academy, where I provide in-class support and coaching to students, teachers, and staff as well as assistance in using technology to lead to world-leading school.


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 11:40

Rock your class (and test scores) with adaptive learning technology

  •     Meeting the needs and pace of each student
  •     Transforming learning outcomes 
  •     Customising content and saving you time to teach, inspire and help your students achieve mastery 
  •     Leveraging algorithms to increase student engagement 

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