Abbas Abdulsamad | Instructional Technology Specialist
School of Modern Skills | United Arab Emirates

Abbas Abdulsamad, Instructional Technology Specialist, School of Modern Skills

Abbas Zeeb Abdulsamad is an AP coordinator and High School teacher in an American Curriculum school in Dubai. Teaching English Language for for sixteen years five of which was in Saudi Arabia. Abbas is currently in United Arab Emirates.   
 Implementing technology in his daily activities in the classroom, he developed and created new pedagogical approaches. He gave students a wide space of freedom in linking their learning to their daily life and interests. For example, students  were able to create games to understand the plots in their literature selections. Also, they created board games in order to practice their new vocabulary lessons. Moreover, they created their website blogs and recorded their classes using Go Pro cameras. All these enjoyable activities and more could never happen without their inspirational teacher. He inspired his students to be innovative in their perception of any new concept.


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 11:40

Using 3D printing to teach

  •     Empowering staff and integrating technology into the curriculum
  •     Integrating languages and science through 3D printing projects
  •     Developing critical thinking skills

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