Aarti Daswani | Digital and Innovation Coach
Dubai American Academy at Nations | United Arab Emirates

Aarti Daswani, Digital and Innovation Coach, Dubai American Academy at Nations

I am an Indian who was born in Manila, raised in Bangkok, studied in Boston, and then eventually moved to Guangzhou, China, where I started my career in education. I worked at the American International School of Guangzhou for 4 years and over that time obtained my Master's in Elementary Education. After that, I moved to Dubai and worked at Uptown Primary and American School of Dubai. Unable to escape my international nature, I then moved to Rome where I worked at the American Overseas School of Rome. However, I am a true Dubai lover and last year found myself moving back to the wonderful desert. Last year I created and launched the Think-In app, which is an app designed to help early and emergent readers develop essential reading comprehension strategies with any book.


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 15:50

Computational thinking in the early years

  •     Why and how can we start building computational thinking skills in the Early Years 
  •     Exploring emergent robots suitable for children 4-8 years of age
  •     An inquiry into how robotics can be integrated into everyday learning

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