#TeachTechTalks Agenda

Day 2: Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Le Méridien Conference Centre, Dubai


11:00 Name: Neal Oates
  Job title: Head of Technology Integration
  School Dubai British School (Taaleem)
  Topic Title: An Oatessosimple guide to Social Media in Schools - Lessons from year 1
11.15 Name: Bindu Thankappan
  Job title: Head of Math Department
  School: The Westminster School
  Topic Title: Best practices & innovations in mathematics teaching
11:30 Name: Dr Mohammad Salameh
  Job title: Director of Arabic
  School: Kings' Albarsha Dubai
  Topic Title: Virtual reality in teaching
11.45 Name: George Stokes
  Job title: Year 5 Teacher
  School: Safa British School
  Topic Title: Accelerate learning with student-created, digital learning content
12:00 Name: Susie McShane
  Job title: Deputy Head (Primary School)
  School: Raffles International School
  Topic Title: Paperless assessment in Early Years
12:30 Reserved for IdeaLogi
13:00 Reserved for Little Thinking Minds
13:30 Name: Jeena Bhimunipadu
  Job title: SEND Educator & Counsellor
  School: New Indian Model School, Dubai
  Topic Title: Inclusive Education
13.45 Reserved for ClassLink
14.15 Name: Dr. Krishnadas Nanath
  Job title: Assistant Professor
  School: Middlesex University Dubai
  Topic Title: Effectively measuring student engagement