Theodore Lee | Director
New York University Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates

Theodore Lee, Director, New York University Abu Dhabi

Ted is an operations director at NYU Abu Dhabi focused on demand and project management.  Ted has focused on building alignment between the academic departments and administrative services, in many cases, developing and delivering on joint initiatives offering new and creative opportunities for students, faculty, researchers and staff at NYUAD.  M3diate was created via one of these initiatives.


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 11:15

Creating immersive worlds with VR

  •     Building virtual worlds 
  •     Understanding how immersive media and social presence can create new forms of compelling experiences and narratives
  •     Collaborating in real time with instructors and students from around the world
  •     Developing multi user virtual reality experiences
  •     Embracing immersive storytelling 
  •     Revealing the importance of creativity-by-combination 
  •     Designing complex and powerful virtual reality prototypes

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