Rohan Roberts | Innovation Leader
GEMS Education | United Arab Emirates

Rohan Roberts, Innovation Leader, GEMS Education

Rohan is an Innovator, Author, Entrepreneur, Artist, Astronomer, Burner, Freethinker, and Doer. He is the director of the Dubai Science Festival.  He is the co-founder of Café Scientifique Dubai and co-founder at Intelligent Optimism. As the Innovation Leader at GEMS Education, he is responsible for promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship across 40+ institutions of learning in the UAE. He is a Microsoft certified Master Trainer, a Google Certified Educator, and has won numerous national and international awards in the field of Education, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship and is the 2017 Finalist for the $1 million Global Teacher Prize - out of 20,000 applicants from 179 countries.
Rohan has been described in the media and by those who know him as a Renaissance Man, a Polymath, and a Multi-potentialite. He takes an inter-disciplinary approach to problem solving and is passionate about promoting Scientific Literacy, Moonshot Thinking, Cosmic Citizenship, Radical Openness, Intelligent Optimism, STEAM, Neuro-Education, Innovation in pedagogy, the Technological Singularity, and Freethinking. Above all, he's keen to make a positive impact on the world around him and help young people find their Flow and solve the big challenges facing our planet and our species right now. More info:


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 14:05

Impact of exponential technologies and accelerating change

  •     Exploring the exponential growth of technology 
  •     What impact will smart agents and super smart AIs of the future have on human society? 
  •     How will greater-than-human intelligence impact society?

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