Christian Grewell | Associate Professor
New York University Shanghai | China

Christian Grewell, Associate Professor, New York University Shanghai

Christian is an adjunct professor of Interactive Media Arts and Business at NYU Shanghai and the partner of their Program on Creativity and Innovation and co-founder of m3diate, a platform for collaboration in virtual environments. Christian’s current research and projects involve the creation of networked, realtime spatially accurate audio and music creation in virtual reality environments. Christian lives in Shanghai, China and spends his time exploring the intersections of management, creativity, art and technology. He enjoys convincing really talented students to work with him. Christian has spent the past 16 years at NYU with a B.A in Economics and an MBA in Finance from the Stern School of Business.


EduTECH M.E. day 1 @ 11:15

Creating immersive worlds with VR

  •     Building virtual worlds 
  •     Understanding how immersive media and social presence can create new forms of compelling experiences and narratives
  •     Collaborating in real time with instructors and students from around the world
  •     Developing multi user virtual reality experiences
  •     Embracing immersive storytelling 
  •     Revealing the importance of creativity-by-combination 
  •     Designing complex and powerful virtual reality prototypes

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