Frantisek Trapl | Lecturer
Masaryk University

Frantisek Trapl, Lecturer, Masaryk University

Frantisek Trapl is a lecturer in Social Education Department, Masaryk University, Czech Republic, and a PhD student of Pedagogy. He spent several years as a coordinator of social educational development project in Angola, carried on multicultural workshops for Ukrainian teachers in Crimea, conducted research in Vancouver’s open diverse schools and has been interested in the internationalization of education, and in vocational, multicultural and axiological dimension in education all along.


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 12:00

Why VET is leading the way to 21st century education

  • Providing students with general development skills to cope more effectively
  • Promoting the access of girls and women to vocational education
  • Measures to promote VET to enhance rural development
  • Co-operation between VET institutions and the world of work
last published: 19/Sep/18 14:38 GMT

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